The intuitive media server

State of the art technology
small sized, reliable and stuffed with powerful features.
Used worldwide in museums, galleries, exhibitions, theaters and universities.
Automatic video playback 24/7

Syncable video playback

Video mapping

Image player

1080p Hdmi output
Internal storage: 7 GB

Wifi controllable: TCP/ OSC / DMX

Scheduler: 7/24

Pocket sized: 92 x 62 x 22mm

Lightweight: 95g




How can I manage content and remote control the PocketVJ ?
You can access the PocketVJ via Wifi and manage everything
with your webbrowser. It works with all operating systems.
Is there an image as download available ?
No, there is no .img as download available.
What is the difference between PocketVJ 3.x RTC and the SD card ?
PocketVJ 3.x RTC is hardware with email support.
SD card image customers get support only via Github issue
and will not receive any hardware related support.
Is it possible to sync videomapping ?
Directly syncing video mapping is not possible yet.
We are currently working on a new syncable mapper:
Is OSC supported ?
Yes, nearly every function is controllable with OSC or TCP commands.
Is NDI supported ?
There is no NDI decoder for ARM architecture available.
Use Syphon instead.


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