The PocketVJ started in early 2014.
As an artist I had the opportunity to build a seasonal projection mapping installation onto a historic building.
In search for small, robust, reliable and syncable media players with advanced functions,
I decided to build one by myself, PocketVJ v.0.1 was born.


The core software, assembly, documentation, tutorials, design and support is made by me, here in Biel/Bienne.
The metal case is produced and painted in cycling distance to my place,
the electronics are designed and produced in India,
the concept, freedom and flexibility comes from sharing good moments with good people.

Professors in economy and  entrepreneurs advised me to license each function and
to create an app, meaning to collect data of my clients (which is you).
However, I did not follow their advice, there is no built in data wracking and tracking, no locked down features, every update is free for all users, since years!

Think about where your money goes.


Even if the PocketVJ is one of the best multipurpose media players on the planet and all my clients give me fantastic feedback and are extremely happy, I will stop selling the units from mid August 2022 (keeping some units in stock).

We explore the world by bicycle in search of sustainable communities (brandisbrandisbrand dot com).

Everything stays opensource (RTC image) und you still may add features to the PocketVJ and contribute them, any financial donation in Euro very welcome:

IBAN: GB27REVO00997077949372

Long live the PocketVJ.

marc-andré gasser