Here you can manage the files of the internal storge.



  • Diskspace => Show the diskspace

  • Movie Codec => Show movie codec infos

  • Movie Resolution => Show movie resolution


  • Mount => Mount an USB stick

  • Unmount => Unmount an USB stick


  • select one of the 3 available filebrowsers

  • make the one you like as default


  • filebrowser is not accessible over the internet

  • elFinder has a max. upload size of 2GB

  • eXtplorer is default, but might cause trouble with touch devices


  • Permission Fixer => if you lost write access to the storage, press this button

  • Filename Fixer => removes whitespaces, unreadable characters like à è é ö ä ü and shortens the Filename

  • Clean Hidden => especially when copying files vie Samba from OSX, you will get som .file files which cause the player to struggle, just click here to get rid of them

  • Conform Images => resizes all images to max. 1920 x 1080 and converts them to .jpg

  • Mapping Converter => Import mappings made in Mapio or Madmapper.

    • Get Content => Get content from websource (since CP3.0.1),to shedule get content, use /var/www/sync/getcontent


To upload new content, follow this procedure:

  1. In the shortlinks, click STOP to free all resources

  2. Click the ‘Filebrowser shortlink’

  3. There opens up a new tab with an eXtplorer window

  4. Upload and manage your files in the /internal

  5. Be patient while uploading and do not disconnect the power!



  • Filenaming: no empty spaces, no umlauts, when using numbers, always with underline, like this 01_video.mp4

  • For uploading large files (>400MB)

  • Filezilla for fast uploading via sftp://

  • Do not use empty spaces or special characters in your filenames, use TOOLS => Filename Fixer

  • Use the folder structure as given

  • If you are not able to up/download files, use TOOLS => Permission Fixer

  • Stop the player before uploading and managing content


Use sftp://

  1. Open Filezilla, under Server enter the IP: sftp://2.0.0.*** (replace the asterix with the number of your PocketVJ WiFi name)

  2. Hit Enter and you should be able to navigate to the folder


  1. Load or edit your files, be sure not to modify any other directories!


Supported file systems are: vFAT, FAT32, exFAT, HFS, NTFS, EXT4

See tutorial…


  1. In Finder go to: GO > Connect to Server

2. In the Server address bar type : smb://2.0.0.*** (replace the *** with the number of your PocketVJ WiFi name).

  1. Connect, in the Password Prompt select Guest.

  1. Your Finder mounts a Network device named: media Load and edit your files with finder.


  • If you move large files, finder may tell you: copy zero bytes of…. Estimating time remaining… and it looks like finder hangs showing turning colorball, then just go and grab a coffee, it is copying in the background :-)

  • 600MB may take around 16 minutes.

  • After uploading files via same, make sure to use Clean Hidden Files function to get rid of hidden files