see video tutorial:


Check => Check internal date and time

Display => Show a clock on screen

Set => Sets the correct time from the user accessing the PocketVJ, might take 2 attempts


Enable => Enable Scheduler

Disable => Disable Scheduler


Show => to make sure the timetable is loaded to PocketVJ, if it does not appear it is likely you forgot to add an empty last line…


make sure the last command is an empty line! otherwise it will not work as expected!!

Every task seen in the Control Panel can be scheduled!



Starts playing all videofiles on 08:01pm resp. 20:01 o’clock:

01 20 * * * /var/www/sync/startmaster


Stop: /var/www/sync/stopall

Play video 01_* once: /var/www/sync/startmasterone01

Beameron: /var/www/sync/beameron

Beameroff: /var/www/sync/beameroff

Start Mapper: /var/www/sync/relaunchmapper


startmaster01 goes up to startmaster99

startmasterone01 goes up to startmasterone99 (slideshow feature only until 20)

startless01 goes up to startless12 (loops without sync)

startlesseronce01 goes up to startlesseronce20 (once without sync)

If you need from once specific command more scripts, just copy and edit them in /var/www/sync/ or open an issue on github to ask for more scripts.