PocketVJ RTC the ultimate single- and multichannel video playout media server video player for people who need a simple but powerful solution for video syncing standalone device designed to play projection mapping the best and user-friendly

PocketVJ 3.9 RTC

The RTC is a simple, lightweight and powerful Media Server.

‍Its incredibly easy to use for beginners and professionals and gives you unprecedented freedom in creativity.
Ideal for single- and multi-channel installations which will automatically start and stop. 

Seamless loop your video from the internal storage or an usb stick, sync several players together, schedule tasks like starting a projector, create a video mapping installation, play a slideshow or use pdf, make impress presentations, mirror your laptop screen, controllable with OSC or TCP... and much more features to create your own individual piece of art.

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User Manual

Issues & Questions

List of OSC commands

Scheduler Example


Release Notes 


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Read the release notes before updating

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Syphon Server (OSX)

Spout Server (Win)